My Black Friday does not consist of shopping for sales...  I am drinking my detox tea, I have my large bottle of water, and I'm about to do my workout.

Holly Scoop
I have been obsessed with the Tracy Anderson Method for a long time.  The first time Gwyneth Paltrow sang her praises I just had to find out about this workout.  It's obviously working for her!  I organized a "workout weekend" a few years back with a group of my girlfriends.  We did 3 workouts a day, one of them consisting of my Tracy Anderson DVDs.  The DVDs were a mess back then-hard to do and left us all just laughing hysterically.  She has since drastically improved them, I started the new DVDs last spring.  I swear by them.  My body doesn't feel sore anymore after doing hair all day.  I look forward to doing the workout daily and I've never felt more fit! 

I searched for similar workouts I could do outside the home.  I found the Bar Method which is a few doors down from the salon where I work.  I try to get to a class once a week.  It's a different approach, but I love how my legs shake during the workout.  I can feel my metabolism working the entire day, and I love being challenged. 

Whether it's Tracy Anderson, Physique 57, Pure Barre, Bar Method, pilates or other similar approaches, they are all low impact workouts that change the shape of your body.  If there is not a studio near you, DVDs are a great option!!!

Enjoy a workout today-I promise you'll feel better...


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