Yes, the "great" hair stylists, or should I say "celebrity" stylists all go by one name and I love it!  Oribe started out as an assistant to Garren in New York.  

I remember distinctly in the late '90's Oribe was creating a lot of buzz.  He had just come out with a color pomade, which a dear friend gave me as a kitschy gift...  He was the hair stylist for the who's who of Hollywood and he was also known to be wild, tattooed, and a rebel.  As stylists we were trying to clean up our notorious reputation so he made quite the impression!  He fell from grace for a period of time for various reasons but is now back with a vengeance!!!

Oribe lives in Miami now.  He has cleaned up nicely and is still the hair stylist for the who's who of Hollywood.  Every stylist has a "look"  and his is big, glamorous hair.  

I am fortunate in that I work at Propaganda Salon which carries Oribe products.  I have a few favorites, they smell heavenly and I would have to say I've never worked with a product line in which every product in the line gives an amazing amount of shine!  Here are my favorites and I've decided they are my new "perfume"...  Every product in the line is the same scent, imagine the Amalfi Coast!

  • The first is Apres Beach-for those beachy waves or just a little texture
  • The second is Royal Blowout-your hair will dry faster, with a shiny fullness
  • The third is a gold pomade-yes gold!  You can smooth it through the hair for a subtle gold reflection!
Apres Beach oribe.com

Royal Blowout oribe.com
Gold Pomade oribe.com


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