My favorite look right now is the top bun.  Think ballerina bun on the top of the head.  
It's so easy, and it looks great on everyone.  Your hair should fit into a ponytail pulled to the top of your head for this to work.

Start with hair curled either with an iron or hot rollers.  This will add texture and make the hair easier to work with.  Hairspray with a medium hold hairspray.  Next pull the hair on top of your head, no lower than the crown, into a ponytail.  Do not twist the hair as you would with a ballerina bun, but keep it flat.  Wrap it loosely around the ponytail band, and pin it in place.  It does not have to be perfect, I think it looks better if it's not.  Goody spin pins work best if you are doing this yourself.
Bella Suga
Bella Sugar
Very old Hollywood!


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