100 years ago in Paris, the world expo showcased a conditioner for mustaches and beards to make them softer.  It was soon followed up by conditioners for hair.  

Hair Cosmetology
Your hair has probably been through a lot over the last few weeks.  Lots of party hair, entertaining, and extra stress on the hair can catch up with you...  Tonight would be a good night to get your hair back into shape and prepare it for that last night of the year!

Protein conditioners which are often called reconstructors should be used only if suggested by your hairdresser.  They are protein based which means if used incorrectly, can cause the hair to be brittle and can cause breakage.  They should not be left in for more than 10 minutes and never ever with heat.  

To be safe, use a moisture based conditioner.  Shampoo your hair tonight, towel dry.  Add a deep conditioner, and don't rinse out.  Don't be tempted to put a pony tail holder in your hair.  Hair is in it's most delicate state when it's wet.  You will put stress on the hair when it is in it's most elastic state and when it drys it can break. 
Hair Cosmetology
The easiest way to give hair a deep conditioning treatment at home is to sleep in it.  I put two pillow cases on my pillow, but you could also use a shower cap if that's comfortable for you.  Sleep in the conditioner, when you wake up in the morning, just rinse it out in the shower and your hair will feel amazing!  Your hair will have more shine, it will hold a style longer due to it's balanced moisture and it's a great way to start the new year!


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