Whether you are a lover of fashion or not, the Valentino Garavani Virtual Archives is an absolute must see/must experience.  You are going to an online museum.  It is so beautifully done and it just went live today. You can go whenever you want!

I continue to be in awe of the things technology brings us every day, every minute no less.  I believe that utilizing technology for something positive takes us beyond our potential.  Valentino Garavani's long time business partner Giancarlo Giammetti put this virtual museum together of the Valentino archive. 

This may be the next revolution for museums.  Nothing will replace museums, but this is an opportunity for people to experience something they wouldn't ordinarily be able to see.  Moving through this virtual museum you feel as if you are seeing something real.  Something tangible.  It is amazing. 

When first going into the museum, you can change the settings.  I suggest adjusting the head rotation sensitivity.  This controls how quickly you move.  I was dizzy at first, so I adjusted mine to 6.2.  This is a 360 degree 3D experience.  It is breathtaking, intriguing, it is bright and happy.  From the skylight to the shiny white floors, I want to live there!  

In my lifetime I would never have thought I would be writing on this machine about how I just went through a virtual museum observing Valentino's archive of couture fashion!  What a wonderful world...

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