The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world.  That isn't to say it's the best camera, it can't be compared to the real thing.  The iPhone is convenient, it's almost always with you, and with all of the amazing photo apps you can create some amazing shots...  
Here are some of my favorites.  I find one I love, I stick with it loyally and then I find a new one to win me over.  
Hipstamatic has several retro cameras, lenses, and exposures to chose from.  I love it, so many choices but it isn't for beginners.  It takes some time to get comfortable with but worth it.

Camera+ was my favorite for quite a while.  Easy to use, and I love the different effects.  

Instagram is great, lots of people use it and it has an easy sharing format.  Instagram also has a very retro look.
Shake It via Tanya
Shake it is worth using just for it's fun factor alone.  You take a picture which processes like a Polaroid, you shake it until it's processed to your liking.

TiltShiftFocus via Tanya
My current favorite is TiltShiftFocus.  You can play with the depth of field which is my favorite look for any photography.  You can also add any of the effects to pictures you've already taken which I love... 

Now point and shoot!


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