Alexis Bittar has long been one of my favorite jewelry designers.  He brought "plastic" jewelry back in the form of lucite.  To appreciate his work, here is some background on plastic jewelry.

Some of the first pieces were done in the early 1900's and it was called Celluloid.  It was too thin and heat sensitive so it fell out of fashion due to being impractical.  

Next came Bakelite, named after Dr. Leo Baekeland.  It is durable and can be made into any shape and color.  Bakelite was sought after for it's low price point during the Depression, but also for it's fine detail which appealed to people with wealth as well. 

Alexis Bittar
DuPont created Lucite in the late 1930's.  It is an acrylic resin and is clear in it's original form.  Alexis Bittar works with Lucite, he does have pieces that are clear but his pieces are most recognizable as painted and carved.  His pieces pop with color, texture and happiness!


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