My best friend in Miami is from Ecuador.  She's a gorgeous girl, but she's even prettier on the inside.  Such a cliche but true...  She is the most amazing girl, her name is Grace.  Not a typical South American name.  Her grandmother named her mother after Grace Kelly, and in turn she was named after her mother.  Even worlds away people saw the poise and grace in America's "Grace".  My friend has the best sense of humor, everyone loves her and she loves everyone like there is no tomorrow.  She made me fall in love with Miami and made me fall in love with the Latin World.   

Grace is Oprah's biggest fan.  While I have had the best memories of watching Oprah with my grandma, and sitting in a hotel room on a girl's trip with my sweet friends watching countless episodes...  I've poked fun and at times thought the country was on Oprah overload.  I was surprised and thought it hysterical when Grace told me she thought Oprah was amazing, and that she's never missed an episode.  Then came her story.  Grace came to America at 19.  She spoke little English.  She told me that she would watch Oprah every day and that she taught her English, along with what America is and most likely who American women are.  Since that story I've had a new respect for Oprah.  Not the Oprah Americans know, but the Oprah through my beautiful Ecuadorian friend's eyes.  It's a sight to be seen... 

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down"- Oprah



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