One of the things I'll miss from Austin is my friend trifecta...  I made lots of wonderful friends, and 3 who will be in my life forever.  P helped me understand the power of living an authentic life and reminded me that it's far easier to love than not.  K showed me peace and acceptance and reminded me that it's really easier than to not.  C made me realize that forgiveness doesn't mean you're weak and reminded me that it's easier than not forgiving...

P let me transform her hair from Texas blonde to Gisele Bundchen bombshell and always let me have fun!  K trusted me to give her a keratin treatment and now has the Barbie hair she always wanted!  C let me balayage her way to Jessica Biel and looks amazing for her upcoming nuptials!  

I don't take for granted the power of friendships and the trust they give me in their hair!

I love you girls...

Three Girl Pyramid: 1957
Shorpy Art


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