My clients all know my favorite product is Oi, by Davines.  It is an oil for hair.  I could go on and on about it...  Well, there is now an Oi shampoo, conditioner, and additional styling product.  I've been waiting months for it to come to the states.  I just got it in and I'm as happy as I thought I'd be!  The shampoo is now the most moisturizing shampoo I carry, the conditioner feels like a deep conditioner but doesn't weigh the hair down.  Last but not least, the new styling product Milk is a spray, leave-in product that gave me lots of compliments on my hair all day.  It made my hair shiny, and it held my curl all day without ever weighing my hair down.  Best of all it smells just like Oi, which contains roucou oil.  I'm in love! 



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